Alumni Association of Y. B. Chavan College of Pharmacy


Right from 1989 when the first student came to study in institute and over thousands of students have graduated and left the portals of this great institute.
Memories of the good old days in institute are strongly etched in the minds of the alumni.

It is the endeavor of the “Alumni Association of Y. B. Chavan College of Pharmacy” to bring all our Alumni on one platform to create a global group of AAYBCCP.
We at AAYBCCP are working towards creating opportunities to network, share nostalgic moments, help our juniors and be partner in the growth of your Alma Mater.

The AAYBCCP was established to reconnect our graduates through Alumni events such as seminars, guest lectures, and alumni meet to keep the bonding intact of graduated students with the institute and provide the platform for graduating students to interact and learn from the experience of alumni for their professional development ultimately leading to the growth of institute at large.

Objectives of the Society

  • 1. To provide the platform for interaction with alomni of this college.
  • 2. To establish an organization through which Alumni of the college can keep in touch with the students, faculty and staff and the activities of the college.
  • 3. To enable the college to provide assistance required by the industries in the different activities.
  • 4. To provide testing and consultancy service to the Alumni of the college in different fields of Pharmacy.
  • 5. To enable the Alumni to take part in such activities of the college and contribute to the general improvement of status of the college and Alumni.
  • 6. To help the Alumni to get information from the college on various technical problem that they come across in their work.
  • 7. To raise funds for creating various facilities at the college.
  • 8. To enable the Alumni to provide the training and placement of the students of this college and to provide the required manpower.
  • 9. To arrange any activity for the benefit of the students, Alumni and faculty of college.
  • 10. To award prize and scholorship to students of the college on basis of merit and render financial aid to derserving students, studing at the college.
  • 11. To bring out the bulletin periodically, highlighting the activities of college, Alumni the
  • association.
  • 12. To take up such other activities as Governing body may decide from time to time, in the interest of Alumni, students of faculty of the college.
  • 13. To establish contact and provide to help other organization and Government agencies having similar objectives.
  • 14. To provide assistance to the students and Alumni for entrepreneurship development.

Ext. Members of Alumni Association

Sr. No. Designation Name Mobile Email
1 President Dr. Abubakar Salam Bawazir
I/C Principal, Y.B.C.C.P.A
2 Working-President Dr. Upasani C. D. 9822112007
3 Vice-President Mr. Satish Nagre 9552501212
4 Secretory Dr. Hemant Une 9823015556
5 Jt. Secretory Mr. Santosh Joshi 9371540250
6 Treasurer Mr. Abdul Azeem 9960082176
7 Ext. Commt. Members Dr. Pravin Wakte 9422212845
8 Ext. Commt. Members Mr. Vivek Salunke 9921304999
9 Ext. Commt. Members Dr. S. N. Mokale 9890409325
10 Ext. Commt. Members Dr. Mayura Kale 8888836430
11 Ext. Commt. Members Mrs Deepali Jadhav 9960813377
12 Ext. Commt. Members Mr. Anand Nagapurkar 9922941686