To ensure the excellence in academics at the institute, we have developed a unique method of academic planning and monitoring system which ensures that each faculty has a concrete plan of lectures to be delivered throughout the year and the same is being submitted by them at the start of academic session. The lectures planned are monitored after every Sessional Examination and the reports of the same are submitted and verified by the Principal of the institute. Similarly for monitoring of attendance we have a system where regular record of attendance, both in Theory and Practical, is to be maintained by the teaching staff of the respective subject and is submitted to the Director/Principal of the institute, before every Sessional Examination.

Attendance As per university rules regarding the grant of the term, 'No student shall be allowed to appear for the University Examination unless he/she has attended 75% of theory lectures andpractical's separately of each subject'. The same rule is strictly followed at the institutional level for all the three Sessional Examinations conducted at the institutional level. Those who are not up to the mark are not allowed to attend the concern Sessional Examinations.


Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. ABUBAKAR SALAM BAWAZIR Chairman/I/C Principal
2 Ms. Maria Saifee Academic Incharge
3 Dr. H. D. Une Member/Exam Incharge
4 Dr.S.R.Lahoti (HOD Pharmaceutics) Member
5 Dr. K. G. Baheti (HOD Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Member
6 Dr. Syed Ayaz Ali (HOD Pharmacology) Member
7 Dr. J. N. Sangshetti (HOD QAT) Member
8 Reshma Toshniwal (HOD Pharmacognosy) Member
9 Dr. M H. Dehghan (IQAC Coordinator) Member
10 Class Teacher, B. Pharm. I st year Div. A and B Member
11 Class Teacher, B. Pharm. II nd year Div. A and B Member
12 Class Teacher, B. Pharm. III rd year Div. A and B Member
13 Class Teacher, B. Pharm. IV th year Div. A and B Member