India became the permanent signatory member of the Washington Accord on 13 June 2014 and since then we have started implementing OBE in higher technical education like diploma and undergraduate programmes.

NAAC and NBA are accrediting programmes running with OBE so as to promote international quality standards for education in India. Course modules are one of the important tools for the outcome based education (OBE) system.

Y B Chavan College of Pharmacy is permanently affiliated to Dr Babasaheb Marathwada University, Aurangabad the course modules for the under graduate Program (B.Pharm) and the post-graduate Programs (Master of Pharmacy, in the specializations of Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Quality Assurance and Pharmacology) are based on the prescribed syllabus of the University, the course modules provide a comprehensive guideline to enable optimum delivery of the course.

The elements of course modules include the enumeration of the Program Outcomes (PO), Course Identification and General Information, Course Description, Course Objectives, Course Outcomes (CO), alignment of PO with CO, teaching and assessment methods for achieving learning outcome, course contents, assignments / tutorials, schedule of assessment tasks during the semester, student support,, teachers availability for student support, learning resources, facilities required, course improvement processes and finally information about faculty member responsible for the course.

Updated course modules have been uploaded on the College website for ready reference of students, teachers, parents and all stake holders.

I wish to acknowledge the contributions of all the teachers of our College for meticulously preparing the course modules and continuously improving and updating them prior to the start of every semester.

Further I request all stake holders specially the students to gingerly go through the course modules and ardently follow them and wish them all success.

Dr Abubakar Bawazir

I/C Principal

Program Outcomes & Course Outcomes


To be the center of excellence in Pharmaceutical education and research, with global partnership and collaborations for students development from all sections of society as competent Pharmacist and proficient entrepreneurs with social commitments and human values.


To develop an evolving educational system with optimum infrastructure, competent and dedicated manpower, appropriate interaction with industries and institutes of high reputes, to generate globally competitive pharmacist as entrepreneurs, skilled-technocrats, researchers and health care professionals, to imbibe the philosophy of our founder and mentors for imparting scientific and secular value added education for social transformation and national development.

  • PEO1: To provide quality education leading to competent Pharmacy graduates and post graduates.

  • PEO2: To promote the application of technological tools to develop trained human resource to meet the global pharmaceutical and healthcare needs.

  • PEO3: To provide the fundamental and advanced applied knowledge to the budding pharmacist and researchers.

  • PEO4: To inculcate entrepreneurship, professionalism and lifelong learning approach in the students.

  • PEO5:To instill environment consciousness and ethical values in the students.

Course Code



Physical Pharmacy I

BP 120

Pharmacognosy – I

BP 130

Human Anatomy & Physiology

BP 140

Functional English & Communication Skills

BP 150

Remedial Mathematics / HSC Mathematics OR Remedial Biology / HSC Biology

BP 210

Computers & Statistics

BP 220


BP 230

Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry – I

BP 240

Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

BP 250

Environmental science

Course Code



Organic Chemistry

Course Code