Dr.  Mohammad  Ismail  Mouzam

Associate Professor


Qualification Subject University/Board Month and Year of Passing Class
Certificate Course Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Canadian Centre for occupational health and safety, Hamilton Ontario, Canada March/2016 Completed
English Type Writing Typing Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board November/1995 Grade
SSC English, Hindi, Science, Maths Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board April/1994 First Class
B. Pharm Pharmacy Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore November/2001 First Class
M.Pharm Pharmaceutics Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore April/2005 Distinction & State Rank
Ph.D Pharmacy Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad April/2016 Class


  • Film Gastro Retentive Systems
  • Gel filled Hard gelatin capsule systems
  • Microfiber drug dosage systems
  • Solubility & Permeation enhancement
  • Nasal Delivery System formulations
  • Oral Drug Delivery Systems formulations


Undergraduate Post Graduate
  • Pharmaceutics – III
  • Project Work
  • Advanced Pharmaceutics - II
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Research work Seminar
  • Advanced Pharmaceutics - I
  • Formulation Concepts and Industrial Pharmacy
  • Project Work


  • Currently working as Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics since 11th Jan 2017 to till date. Approved as Associate Professor by Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra (ACAD/AFFIL/ABL/2016-17/S69-82). Dated 9/05/2017.
  • Worked as Assistant Professor at Y. B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad form 27/08/2006 to 10th Jan 2017. Approved as Assistant Professor by Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra (ACAD/AFFIL/SELE.COMMI./SSR/2007/4909-15, Dated 2/06/2007.
  • Worked as Asst Professor (lecturer) at Mohammadi/KCT College of Pharmacy, Gulbarga form 01/01/2005 to 26/08/2006.


  • Md Ismail Mouzam, MHG Dehghan. Characterization and in vitro evaluation of freeze-dried nasal insert composed of Chlorpheniramine maleate with ionic and non-ionic polymer for intranasal delivery. International Journal of Polymeric Materials. and Polymeric Biomaterials. 2014, 63(6): 293-301 1563-535X Thomson Reuters Impact factor 3.568
  • Md Ismail Mouzam, MHG Dehghan. Comparative assessment of chlorpheniramine maleate permeation through sheep nasal mucosa and artificial membrane. Indian Drugs. 2014, 51(04): 42-49. ISSN: 0019-462X
  • Md. Ismail Mouzam, M.H.G. Dehghan, Shaikh Asif, Trupti Sahuji, Pooja. Preparation of a novel floating ring capsule-type dosage form for stomach specific delivery. Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal. 2011, 19 (2), 85-93. 1319-0164 Impact Factor 1.283
  • Md Ismail Mouzam, MHG Dehghan. Effect of sodium alginate polymeric concentration on nasal delivery of antihistamine. Indian Journal of Pharmacology. 2012, supplementary:S147 0253-7613 Impact Factor 0.7
  • Md. Ismail Mouzam, M.H.G. Dehghan, Shaikh Samina M. Development and Characterization of Salmeterol Xinafoate Niosomes for Nasal Delivery. IJPER. Apr-Jun, 2011/ Vol 45 (2), 121-127. 0019-5464
  • Zahid A Zaheer, Shahed Mirza, Ismail Moazzam and Imran W Sayad. UV-Spectrophotometric determination of minoxidil and its application to the assay in pharmaceutical dosage forms. Der Pharma Chemica. 2012, 4 (1):568-573
  • Md Ismail Mouzam, Sayad Imran Wahab. Indian Banned Drugs. Inventi Rapid: Pharmacy Practice. Vol. 2012, Issue 2
  • Imran SW, Md I Mouzam, I. Tadwee. Simplistic Spectroscopic Method for Determination of α -Tocopherylacetate in Bulk and Formulated Microemulsion. Int. J. of Pharm. Res. & All. Sci. 2013; 2(3): 64-67
  • MHG Dehghan, Md Ismail Mouzam. Advances in Iontophoresis for Drug Delivery, International Journal of Health Research Sept 2008; 1 (3): 115-127
  • Md Ismail Mouzam. Proceedings of the British Pharmaceutical Congress 2007, Manchester U.K, Published in the Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology 2007; supplement 1
  • Dehghan M.H.G and Mouzam M.I. “Improved dissolution of Felodipine from Ethylcellulose Microspheres”, Indian Drugs 45(2), Feb 2008, 115-118


  • Md Ismail Mouzam, Imran Wahab Sayad, Zainuddin Shaikh Mohammad. “Aldehyde based Gelatin Crosslinking to target intestine drug release” LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (September 4, 2014), ISBN-10: 3659597473 ISBN-13: 978-3659597473


  • Md Ismail Mouzam. Effect of Sodium Alginate polymeric concentration on nasal delivery of antihistamine. IPSCON-2012, 35th Annual Conference of Indian Pharmacological Society, at Smt Kishoritai Bhoyar College of Pharmacy, Nagpur 5-7th Jan 2013
  • Md Ismail Mouzam. Novel Biodegradable Polymer suitable for nasal drug delivery. 5th National Conference on Recent Advances in Polymer Technology, held at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon on March 21-22, 2013
  • Modified release of Nifedipine from Ethylcellulose Microspheres at DDPR, 2nd International symposium on drug delivery and process research, Belgaum, Feb 06, page no. 531


  • Two days National Conference on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Pharmaceutical Research, 5-6th March 2012 at Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad.
  • One day National Seminar on “Advances in Pharmaceutical Analysis”, 24th March 2007 at Y.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad.
  • One Day Workshop on “High Performance Liquid Chromatography”, organized by Dr.BAMU, Dept of Chemical Technology on 7th Jan 2007.
  • One day Seminar on “Winds of Changes in Pharmaceutical Sciences” organized by Indian Pharmaceutical Assocation and Prof M.L.Khorana committee on 11th Nov 2006 at Windsor Castle, Aurangabad.
  • The 2nd International Symposium Drug Development & Process Research, at K.L.E’s College of Pharmacy, Belgaum on 10-12th Feb 2006.
  • One day state level seminar on “Recent Advances in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology”, 26th Feb 2011, at Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy.
  • Two days Seminar on “Recent Trends in Clinical Research” on 21st and 22nd April 2010 sponsored by Indian council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi, at Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy.
  • One day National Seminar on “Drug Regulatory Affairs” organized on 13th march 2010 at Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy
  • One day National Seminar on “Tools & Techniques in Pharma Research” on 15th march 2008 at Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy
  • Trainers workshop on teaching tools & methods in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology, held at Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, on 6th Sept 2013.


  • Worked as a Executive Member at National Conference in Pharmaceutical Analysis Organized by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad during 15/09/2011 to 17/09/2011.
  • Chief Coordinator for National Seminar on Tools and Techniques in Pharmaceutical Research, organized at Y. B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad on 15/03/2008.
  • Worked as executive member in One day Seminar on “Key facets in Pharmaceutical Research” organized by Y.B. Chavan College of Pharmacy, on 27th Oct 2015.


  • Applied for UGC & AICTE projects of Rs. 70 lakhs, results awaited.


  • Stood first prize in article competition on “Responsibilities of Pharmacist:” organized by Indian Pharmaceutical association, Aurangabad. 2006
  • Shortlisted for best thesis award by Rajni Bhav Pharma Innova Award. Jan 2016.


  • Guided more than 15 M.Pharm students in their research work in the subject of Pharmaceutics and Quality Assurance Techniques. Guided more than 30 B.Pharm students for their project work.


  • Development of virtual walk through college 3D model through computer programming.
  • Head of NAAC Best Practices & Innovation
  • Syllabus detailing B.Pharm Sem VIth in the subject of “Hospital & Dispensing Pharmacy” of Dr. BAMU, Aurangabad organized on 8th feb 2016 at YBCCPA.
  • Syllabus detailing B.Pharm Sem Vth in the subject of "Pharmaceutical Engineering" of Dr. BAMU, Aurangabad organized on 8th Oct 2015 at YBCCPA
  • Teaching Creativity: 1. Flash quiz on Preformulation 2. Videos created on Novel drug delivery system 3. Video created on Pharmaceutical Packaging Concept 4. Flash presentation on Novel Transdermal Technology.
  • Solved Problems (Innocentive Inc, USA) on Educating About the Importance and Acceptance of Purifying Drinking Water.
  • Solved Problems (Innocentive Inc, USA) on Delayed Release Formulation for Aqueous Protein Solution.
  • Participated in every year National Pharmacy Week celebration organized at different public places. Since 2006 to till date.
  • Computer Skills
  • Short Term Training Course Carried out on "Pharmaceutical Statistics Concept and Problem solving through MS-Excel" Organized by DTE and Govt College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad.
  • Short Term Training Course Carried out on "Innovative Instructional Tools: Use of Softwares", AICTE sponsored at Government College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad for one week.


  • Career Guidance to the students
  • Research Counseling


  • Registered Pharmacist with KSPC


  • NPTEL SPOC In-charge
  • Head of NAAC Innovations and Best Practices
  • In-charge of Information and Communication Technology Cell (ICT)
  • NAAC Departmental e-content Management
  • In-charge of Digital Library Development
  • Member of Library Committee
  • Former Tours & Industrial Visit In-charge


  • • Exam Paper setter • Examiner and Moderator • Member of syllabus setting committee • Member of LIC committee of Dr. BAM University


Department:- Pharmaceutics
Mobile:- +91-9860440856